"What have you been carrying around?"


Imagine a church that's working to create better communities, encourages growth of the family, and cultivates leaders for the church of tomorrow.That's the Church of Philadelphia... that's our church.

Not Just an Experience but an Encounter

Here we not only want to guide you to experiencing a greater walk in your faith, but we want to keep you connected to people aspiring to be all they can be in God as well.

Something is Always Going on Here

There's constantly something great happening on our site. While learning more about Church of Philadelphia and how to get connected, please contact us if you have any questions.

Our Purpose

We strive to be a ministry that brings souls into the Kingdom of God through teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire to be a place where people of all colors, creeds, and nationalities can come and encounter a life-changing relationship with Jesus the Living Savior, exalt God through worship, be equipped to participate in ministry, encourage one another through love and fellowship, and establish strong families and communities.

Our Vision

The vision that God has given to Church of Philadelphia is build in the frame work of a 5 point mandate, which is to:

  • Win the Lost at any Cost (Matthew 25:36)
  • Build Strong Families (Joshua 24:15)
  • Equip the Saints for the Work of Ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13)
  • Teach the People of God Sound Economic Principle (Deuteronomy 8:18)
  • Heal the Broken Hearted (Acts 10:38)

Our Ministries

Children Ministries

Our children and youth programs are provided with a global perspective that promotes leadership development, spiritual growth and outreach awareness.

Teen Ministries

We value our teenagers, just as Christ values the church and our programs are always focused on growing and developing our teens to be not what the world wants but what God has purposed.

Adult Ministries

Our adult ministries are designed to address the concerns and spiritual needs of men and women all ages, cultural backgrounds, social statuses and more.


Sunday Service

11am at Nathaniel Alexander School

Bible Study

7pm at Dowd YMCA

Join In


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Giving Back

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Share the Word

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where to find us

We're quite easy to find. We're located right off of IBM Drive near Vance High School. For directions click on one of the selections below:

Directions from I-77

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Directions from I-85

Coming from Downtown Charlotte